TADAH kafferosteri
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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 13-18
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TADAH kafferosteri

Romarliden 2

36441 Lenhovda

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Find us at the edge of Glasriket in Southern Sweden:

We love coffee! We - Julia and Michael - have been dealing with the topic of coffee for many years.

In the past, we often had problems with stomach aches and headaches whenwe drank industrially produced coffee. We didn't want to accept that and when we were looking for an alternative we came across the topic of "specialty coffee". This coffee - high quality beans plus slow roast at a lower temperature - was the solution for us: no more physical problems nad much better tastes!

In the past ten years we have visited many other small coffee roasteries and talked to the roasters, attended courses at the Berlin Coffee School, read countless books and roasted a lot - learning by doing! Even today we are still fascinated by the different beans, depending on their origin, harvest, roasting or brewing. Every coffee harvest each year has its own character. Exciting and challenging!

At the end of 2019 we moved to Småland to turn our hobby into a profession and to find our inner peace in the beauty of the Swedish nature. Now we are curious to see how our journey will continue. Feel free to visit us, then we'll have a cup of coffee and some coffee talk together.

If you have any questions or ideas write us a message.

We are looking forward to hear from you!