TADAH kafferosteri

Refund Policy.

You have the right to return your purchase within fourteen days of receipt of the product, without giving a reason in accordance to the Distance and Off-Premises Contracts Act. Please observe that food products are exempt from the law and the right to return does not apply to coffee, teas or other food products. Said customer pays any cost of returning an item. The returned item must be returned substantially unchanged and in the original packaging including any wrapping. It is your responsibility for any risk assumed during shipping including damages or disappearance of the sent product. If you want to exercise your cancellation rights, please send a message via email to . You must return specified item without undue delay and in any case no later than fourteen days after the date you purchased the item. You are deemed to have met the deadline if you return the items before the end of the fourteen day period. If you have exercised your cancellation rights, we will refund the full amount paid excluding shipping costs and in any case no later than fourteen days after the date we received the returned item. The same payment method will used for the refund as for the initial purchase.

If you do not collect your order TADAH kafferosteri AB reserves the right to charge you for any costs that incur as a result.